Post surgery, not in a stable condition

Hassan was admitted to Sheba Hospital yesterday to prep for his latest surgery. His surgery began early this morning. When I arrived at the hospital, the surgery was already underway, so I was able to sit with Hassan’s mother. Hassan’s surgery went later than expected, and there was little communication between the surgery team and the ICU doctors. While I was getting nervous and periodically pestering the doctors in the ICU for information they did not have, Hassan’s mom was very calm. I was very impressed with her demeanor all day. She was able to talk and laugh with the other mothers and grandmothers from Gaza, and she intentionally took time for prayer. When we talked about Hassan, she always began and ended with “Inshallah” meaning “God’s will.”

Eventually, Hassan’s surgeon came to tell us that Hassan is not very stable after the surgery, and that they would know more about how Hassan handled the surgery in a few hours. Unfortunately, I was not allowed into his room after his surgery, so I don’t have a picture update as yet. When I left the hospital, Hassan was still unstable. Please pray for healing for Hassan and continued peace for Hassan’s mother.