Postponed cath

Today Liya was supposed to get admitted for a diagnostic cath tomorrow. She had again trouble getting permission from Erez and so she arrived at the hospital pretty late. But then, shortly after she arrived there, a doctor came to us and told us that the doctor who is doing the caths is not here tomorrow. So Liya’s cath will be postponed for at least a weak. Liya’s mom was of course pretty disappointed as she put so much effort in coming here without success, but she remained kind and understanding.

To cheer her up, coworker Jakob and I made a short stop at a supermarket on the way back to Gaza. There she had fun buying a few little things and we had fun with Liya trying some new shoes for her.

Liya will soon get a new date for her cath and we are looking forward to seeing our girl again. Please pray that next time it will be easier with getting her travel permission.