Praise be to God

My coworker Bria arrived this afternoon in the hospital to meet Sila and her mother after they arrived at Sheba hospital yesterday evening. She found out that Sila was already in emergency surgery because there was no blood pressure in her legs. The surgeons had to operate as soon as possible to save Sila.

I came to the hospital later to sit with Sila’s mother during surgery. After three hours, the surgeon came out to say that everything went well. Sila had coarctation of the aorta and they were able to fix the problems.

Sila’s mother praised the Lord a hundred times. She gave me a huge hug and thanked me and the Shevet team for being there for her. This mother is lovely and very positive and we had a good time together during the surgery, God bless her.  Please pray for little Sila’s recovery.