Praise God for His Good Works

Praise God for the good work He is doing in Saida’s life. Today we went to Sheba for a quick weigh-in and ECG with the doctor as Saida needs to grow before he will be able to have his surgery here in Israel. Over the past week Saida has put on 200 grams which when you are still a very small baby is a good weight gain for 1 week.

The doctor wants to see Saida again in n one weeks time in order for him to have an echo and another review of his weight. Please pray that he continues this pattern of good weight gain and that feeding time becomes a joy for mum and baby.

Deborah continues the report: 

“Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord.” Psalm 31:24

Waiting can be an excruciating experience! It certainly has been challenging for the mom of beautiful little Saida, as he needs to be of a higher weight in order to have his heart surgery.Today at Saida’s doctor visit and weight check, he had gained 200 grams (about 6.5 ounces) in the past week. Yay!  His ECG and oxygen levels were stable.

The past few days, Saida has shown a bit less interest in eating, and has developed an aversion to the supplement being given to add extra calories. He has some nasal congestion and a small cough. This has increased mom’s anxiety level as she worries about him reaching his goal weight “in time”, before his heart decompesats  further.

Please pray with us that Saida would eat well, begin to like his extra calories, and avoid any respiratory illnesses (so very common in these fragile babies with heart problems). Please lift up Saida’s mom, for patience and grace— and for more positive news at next weeks’ visit and echocardiogram!