Little Eslam is still very sick and not improving and so his doctors at Sheba Hospital had to decide today what they can do for him and if a surgery might help.

After two echoes and long discussions, they came to the conclusion that they want to take him into high-risk surgery tomorrow morning. They want to repair his aortic valve which is really dangerous but the only hope they see for him. They told us that there is a risk of 20% that he will die in the surgery, but if they don’t do it, they expect him to die within the next two or three weeks.

This is such difficult news and I can’t imagine how his mother has to feel. We are praying for Eslam, his mother and all the medical staff tomorrow! This surgery is so dangerous but there is still hope that God, through the skilled hands of the physicians and surgeons, will heal this little boy.  Thank you for joining us in prayer.