Pray for Bilind

Just 2 days ago I held tiny little Bilind in my arms as the surgeon explained that surgery posed a risk to his life now but was his only hope for life in the future. Today, little Bilind lay covered in wires and tubes in the ICU with his devoted grandmother by his side.

Bilind is currently still intubated as his heart muscle is weak at the moment. The doctors are planning to give him strong medication to try and make the muscle stronger in order for the medical team to attempt extubating him tomorrow.

Bilind’s Grandma and I spent a long time gazing on his beautiful little body with both of us thanking God for his creation. I was able to spend some time specifically praying for both Bilind and Grandma and this was such a special thing to do. I so long for these two to know Jesus as their Saviour. Please join me in lifting up Bilind in prayer, may Jesus take hold of his heart and make it strong.