Thank you all for your continued prayers for Mustafa. Here is an update on him:

This morning, the nurse reported that today Mustafa would have a tracheostomy procedure. Sundus, Mustafa’s mother, was filled with various emotions, some that I cannot understand. It must be so difficult for her to process how and why it is necessary for someone to intentionally create a hole in her son’s neck. There are various advantages and disadvantages to the tracheostomy, but her heart is for no pain or harm for Mustafa. We asked multiple times to various doctors whether this procedure was necessary, and they all concluded that the tracheostomy is a vital next step
Yet we were holding onto hope that God would heal and strengthen Mustafa’s muscles. We could see his effort to move. There are a lot of different factors that I do not understand, but medically it is beneficial for him to have this tracheostomy — less risks of infection, his chances of being weaned off of mechanical ventilation are higher, he would not need to be sedated anymore, and it is more comfortable for him…and there are many more reasons. There are a lot of factors that I cannot fully comprehend, like the high amount of positive end-expiratory pressure that is used to support his breathing, or perhaps why God allowed for his muscles to weaken after being on this machine for two weeks. It is conflicting, because medically, this tracheostomy procedure is the logical route. And yet, I cannot argue that God can perform any miracle as he chooses.

We were waiting for the surgeon to come and announce that they would perform the tracheostomy procedure, but then the doctor said that the orthopedic-surgical department would like to perform a surgical debridement procedure (to clean his leg) on Mustafa tonight. The doctor does not want to perform the surgical debridement and the tracheostomy on the same day. Therefore, the doctors are planning on the trachestomy procedure tomorrow now.

Please continue to pray for Sundus as she processes all this new information.  We continue to praise the God who is sustaining Mustafa’s every breath and life. May he continue to sustain, to strengthen, and to heal our precious Mustafa. Sundus remarked at the amount of people praying for Mustafa in Kurdistan. She knows that God hears all their prayers. There are people from all over the world, praying for Mustafa and his family. His story is impacting the lives of many near and far. Here are just a few of the kind and powerful prayers spoken over his life:
“Praying that our Father who gives breath and life will build Mustafa’s strength for breathing. … May the Lord come alongside each one of his children right now – to sustain, to strengthen, to heal.”

“May our God who is in control of every situation continue to work in this one and bring peace and rest to Sundus and restore our precious Mustafa to wholeness!”

“So so thinking and praying for dear Sundus and Mustafa. The Lord is in control.”

“May peace just flow over Sundus and the Lord’s presence be like a special touch on Mustafa. I pray wisdom from God’s throne for the surgeon.”