Prayers for Alaa’s protection

Today I went to Sheba Hospital’s Adult Critical Cardiac Care Unit to visit Alaa. I entered through the double-glass doors.Alaa was there on the bed, looking a bit thin and not moving much as he was resting. There were many devices around him, two screens that showed his vital signs, an Ecmo machine, medications. I remembered that just a few days before, we visited him and we all went out together for a walk to the lake near Sheba.

The nurse told me that he is stable on Ecmo, and yet no improvement. A blood infection makes his treatment more difficult to treat. The doctors need to decide whether to do another operation. This also might be a risky procedure in his condition.They will do an Echo on Sunday and deside about a plan.

Alaa’s father is hoping to come to his son’s side, but this is complicated because of permission problems with the border. Before I went, I told him goodbye and that I hope things will be better. Pray please with us for this situation and for God’s healing for beloved Alaa.