Prayers needed

Today at Sheba hospital, little Abed had his surgery today to repair a lung problem. The surgery took around three hours.  During it, doctors had to remove a portion of the left side of his lung because it was completely damaged and not working. They want to analyze the lung portion to better understand what damaged it. The next 48 hours now are critical for him, not only for post-operative recovery, but because Abed is still dealing with and being treated for a bacteria.

Abed’s mom and I spent a nice time waiting together during Abed’s surgery today. She showed me pictures of her other beloved children who are all beautiful and waiting for her back in Gaza. It was really nice to have spent this time with her, getting to know each other better. She was quite worried about her tiny little Abed, but I encouraged her that everything is in God’s hands and she agreed. It is really a privilege to belong to Him. He definitely knows what’s best for us all and we can find relief in that.

Please continue to pray for Abed. His mother is taking her son’s condition with a lot of personal strength.  It is a difficult time for her now and she was crying a bit today. She loves her cute Abed so much. Your prayers are needed for this family now.