Prayers needed for Jude

Coworker Berith and I visited Jude and his mother at Hadassah Hospital in their ICU. We found Jude very thin, resting on his side, holding a stuffed animal and wide awake.

Prior to entering his room however, Berith and I were stopped by a doctor in the hall outside. He explained that Jude’s heart has basically failed and all their attempts to rebuild Jude’s health within the post-surgery arena and time frame, are not succeeding. He said the medical staff is just beginning to discuss things today with Jude’s mother, although she is not fully aware of their conclusions. They will instead communicate them slowly, and with as much sensitivity as possible over a period of time.

Without a transplant, he won’t make it according to this doctor. There are two heart-recipient lists he said, one for Israeli children and one for Gaza children and neither of them have many options as smaller heart donations are almost non-existent.  Berith took time to pray over Jude.  Jude’s mother needs our prayers also.