Praying for Mahmoud

Mahmoud’s grandmother was fast asleep in a chair near Mahmoud’s hospital bed when I visited her in the afternoon; she was so tired from diligently looking after him from yesterday’s exhausting day. Mahmoud was also resting, but on a special type of mechanical ventilation that offered extra support compared to the standard mechanical ventilation the hospital often uses. The nurse was hopeful that they could switch to the standard mechanical ventilation soon. His vital signs and condition are more stable than they were yesterday. Mahmoud is now on many various medications to support his heart and lung function.

The doctors are working diligently to determine the type of bacteria, and to assist Mahmoud in his recovery process.

When his grandmother woke up, she smiled at me and we sat together. She shared how the previous day was very difficult for her and Mahmoud, and she gave details about his blood pressure and the amount of blood he needed to receive. She smiled still, and said that she was happy that he was feeling better today.

We pray that Mahmoud and his grandmother would be able to rest both physically and spiritually,  to find that true rest in the Lord whose wisdom and power are beyond comprehension.