Praying for Peace

Today our sweet Saida had a blood test. He was really brave when the nurse put the needle in his arm – he only cried a little bit but with the beautiful voice of his mom he stopped crying. Mom was a little worried because a few days ago when he was in the hospital the doctor told to her that he needs to gain weight – that’s means he must be 5 kilos before he can have surgery.

So, she asked me if we could weigh him again and I asked one of the nurses for her. He gained a few more grams but I think this is good even though it is small. And also we believe in a God that makes a lot of miracles. His Mom was a little disappointed as she wished that her baby was heavier. Thank the Lord he is gaining some weight – slowly, but still it is gaining.

We asked if we can give him something to help with the weight, but for now, they said that we need to wait for his next echo in a week’s time and the doctors are going to decide what is the next step. My mom had a lovely time with Saida and his mom. She had him in her arms for a long time and he was so content he fell asleep. Please pray for this beautiful baby, for a miracle in his life and also for peace in his mom’s heart.