Praying for peace

Khonav and her mum have had a difficult time over the past few weeks, worrying about whether the scheduled catheterization will prevent them from traveling back to Kurdistan with the other families at the start of July. Considering everything, the family naturally prefers that Khonav returns home to Kurdistan, but her cardiologist made it clear that this catheterisation is necessary for her to return to Kurdistan in the best health possible.

As God works in ways which are above our ways, the flights for all the families were cancelled by the airline. So it is likely, that all of the families we have convalescing here at the Shevet House are going to be able to travel home together later in July. This schedule change really took the pressure off Khonav and her mum. They attended the hospital appointment today ahead of the catheterization tomorrow.

It continues to be an unsteady time for them, as many of their questions can’t be answered until after the procedure has taken place tomorrow. As Khonav and her mum sleep overnight in the hospital, please lift them up in prayer, ask for them to be filled with peace, and for a safe and successful catheterization tomorrow.