Praying for Samir

written by Amber

We arrived to find Samir’s mother lovingly at his bedside in the pediatric ICU. He has now been extubated and is breathing without the help of a tube attached to machines. We tried to get a smile from Samir, but his mother was finally able to get him to reenact some sparring, a playfulness that the Shevet volunteers have grown accustomed with him. For now, only Samir’s precious mother can illicit his attention. At one point, Samir lifted his finger, pulse oximeter still attached. His mother’s kiss to that little finger brought a measure of comfort that only she could bring.  Unfortunately, Samir struggled with some nausea and vomiting while we were there today. Pray that will subside soon.  Also, continue in prayer that Samir’s external pacemaker can be removed and that his pain will be managed well. Samir’s mother is such a lovely light. Let’s pray together for her endurance to remain and for God to receive all the glory in the lives of this family.