Praying for Soso, intubated again

Something that I really admire about Muslims is the way they take care of each other even if they don’t know where the other is from and are not related in any way.

Today, at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, this was confirmed.  I saw Soso’s grandmother talking and laughing with two other Palestinian mothers previously unknown to her. As soon as I approached them and took up a chair to be a part of their conversation, one of the mom’s began translating for me into English.

They were sharing about life in Gaza, that God is keeping them safe from Corona virus there.  However, it is most likely that Soso and her grandmother will need to be in a period of quarantine soon after they return there.

Our conversation ended when everyone suddenly stood up and began walking away. I followed them, going up one floor. They had gone as a group to visit another young lady who herself is experiencing heart problems. They may not have known her long, but they shared, laughed and generally supported each other, together like a family. I really think our grandma is enjoying what goes on “in the waiting room.”

Soso  had to be intubated again. Her heart difficulties have not been 100% resolved as yet. She developed a problem with her lungs. Doctors are waiting to see if it is possible to extubate today. She will have a new surgery or possibly a catheterization to close a hole that couldn’t be closed during her previous surgery.

Please continue praying for Soso and her grandmother.