Praying over Mahmoud

Yesterday, he opened his eyes for some of us from the Shevet team who were visiting Mahmoud, and today he is facing a battle against the disease in his own body.

My day with this tough boy started as I met his grandmother outside of the ICU. The sadness and worry in her eyes spoke it’s own language. As I approached her she started smiling weakly and told me Mahmoud had some kind of problem. In order to find out more, I entered his room and encountered this beautiful baby with his eyes wide open. It was the first time I got to see his eyes and I smiled. Underneath all those cables and wires, there was this beautiful boy who was starting to explore the world with his eyes but all he can explore are the white walls of this Hospital.

Mahmoud is laying here apart from his mother and father in an uncomfortable environment and his body is not working as it should. I was updated by a nurse that his blood pressure had gone down and that he is doing worse than yesterday. Standing next to his bed I started praying over him and as I looked at him once again I thought how beautifully Mahmoud was created by God.

Mahmoud’s grandmother entered the room and through all that sorrow and pain I saw a tall, standing- strong woman. Seeing Mahmoud like this hurt her deeply, but she fought back and was still able to smile at me. Even when the staff told us to wait outside, she stood strong and was constantly praying for him. I joined her in prayer silently and we sat there both thinking about this precious boy. Going back into Mahmoud’s room, his grandmother sat in her place next to Mahmoud’s bed, pouring out all her love for him.

As I revisited Mahmoud and his grandmother later that day, I asked a doctor if there had been any change in Mahmoud’s condition and he explained to me that Mahmoud is fighting a bacterial sepsis and that they are doing everything they can to support him. We will continue joining his grandmother in prayer so that Mahmoud will be able to explore more of this beautiful world.