Precious Ghena

Ghena’s mother is a loving woman. When I visited her and her little daughter in the Sheba ICU today, she greeted me kindly even though her eyes showed me that she was very tired. Ghena is slowly getting better. When I asked how little Ghena was doing, her mother told me with tears in her eyes, they were going to try to close Ghena’s chest today. But unfortunately, this was not yet possible. I tried to comfort her with a hug and she calmed down after a while. Nevertheless, this strong mother did not complain and her strength, love and patience radiated to me.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have a sick child, not only physically, but psychologically as well. It’s sad to see little Ghena in this condition, but she is in God’s hands and he can help her to get well, according to His plan for her life. It is always incredibly impressive to me how much these Kurdish and Gazan mothers, who are often very young, take on for their small children. However, this is a small thing by comparison to what Jesus took on for his children (us), but he set a selfless example for us, for all time, for all cultures of the earth.

Please pray that little Ghena’s weak body will recover well, and that her mother will receive strength and endurance from the Lord.