Precious little Omar

Omar’s mother is a very kind and loving mother. When I visited her and her little Omar in Sheba hospital today, she was on the phone with someone. When she saw me, she immediately hung up and greeted me with a friendly smile. Despite the language barrier, it is nice to visit her and precious little Omar.

When I arrived, Omar was sleeping.  I asked his mother how she was, to which she replied “Hamdullalah” (thank God in Arabic). Omar is thankfully also doing well, and continues to recover well from his surgery. After I was there for a while, he woke up.

His mother fed him milk and made him smile lovingly. She proudly sat him on his bed and showed him to me. Such a sweet little boy. One of his feet is as big as my thumb.

While I was visiting her, the doctors came for rounds and kindly told me why Omar can’t be discharged yet. He is still in the hospital because the doctors are in the process of teaching her to inject him with a medicine herself. Only after she has mastered this will they be released from hospital.

Thank you all for your prayers for this little boy and his loving mum. Please continue to pray for them that they will be discharged as soon as possible.