Precious little Ziad and his patient dad

When I went to Sheba Medical Center today to visit our precious little Ziad, a nice lady was cleaning the room and the floor. Therefore the floor was wet and I thought, while I wait for the floor to dry, I can visit a couple of our other children who are in the hospital.

However, when I was about to leave the Pediatric ward, Ziad’s father came to meet me. He then told me that Ziad was slowly getting better, bit by bit. It is always nice to visit little Ziad and his father. Despite the fact that Ziad has been here for so long, his father has incredible patience and never asks when he can finally go home or why it is taking so long.

On the contrary, Ziad’s dad always exudes a relaxed calmness at every visit, and is grateful that his son is being given the opportunity to heal.

Please continue to pray for our precious little Ziad and his patient father, that the wait will eventually pay off and beĀ  well worth it, and that another stomach surgery will not be necessary.