Precious things

Today the father of little Mohammed returned back to Gaza to tend to his family. He was torn over going home without his son and the prospect of seeing his five other children.

Mohammed’s great aunt came on Thursday and quarantined at our Jaffa house while awaiting the results of her corona test from the hospital before taking over his guardianship of Mohammed at Sheba Hospital.

We stopped at the Jaffa house to drop off another family which gave Mohammed’s dad a little time to breathe before the drive back to Gaza, which I think he enjoyed. All five Shevet volunteers were at the community house at that time. Before leaving for the final leg of our trip, to the Erez border crossing, we had about an hour left, so Mohammed’s dad and co-worker Sebastian went to the beach briefly. It was a good moment of reflection and peace, especially for Mohammed’s dad.

When co-worker Georgia and I drove him back to the border, he expressed his sadness in returning without his son. This echoed what he was saying earlier in the drive. His words were, “our children are the most precious things in our lives.”

Please pray for Mohammed’s recovery. He will need time to practice feeding. The doctors will see if he needs a PEG, a feeding tube, to help him eat. Please pray.

Pray also for Mohammed’s family and his great aunt who is with him now and learning about living life in the hospital.