Preparing for surgery

Sweet Hadeel had a very stressful day today. She needed to fast as she was due to have a CT scan this afternoon with anesthesia. In addition to being hungry all morning, she needed to have a cannula placed to prepare for the CT scan. The medical staff tried many times to place it, but her blood vessels were very difficult to work with. The doctors asked her exhausted and worried father to wait outside of the room, as they needed to put the cannula in her neck.

It was not nice for either of them; when Hadeel cries, she turns even more blue than usual. Her father did a good job of comforting her afterwards.

We later traveled to the CT scan in a different building of the hospital. It was a smooth procedure and the cardiologist whom we saw yesterday, told us afterwards that they were able to see the coronary arteries which they were unable to see in yesterday’s echo. Whilst Hadeel was still in the scan, I received a phone call to say her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning, first thing.

Hadeel’s father did very well today despite his sadness to see Hadeel so upset. I know it was surely upsetting for him as well. He is very dedicated to her, and occasionally she calmed down long enough to give us a little smile.

Please pray for Hadeel tomorrow going into the first surgery of a two-stage repair. Please also pray for her father. It is a different experience for the fathers who attend their children from Kurdistan to Israel, compared to the majority of our caregivers who are usually mothers. Mothers are able to easily make a supportive group of friends, whereas for fathers, there is the risk of feeling more isolated at this difficult time.