Prescribed antibiotics for an infection

There is a word in Kurdish that means chubby – xapa, and in their culture, it is a very big compliment for a baby to be considered chubby. This is what we love to call Lava, and what many people today remarked on when we brought her to the ER at Sheba hospital.

How can she be sick, she looks so chubby and healthy? For some days Lava has been with a fever that comes and goes and has decreased appetite, so we planned to take her to the hospital for some tests. In the ER, the doctors found that Lava has an infection, and prescribed antibiotics for the next ten days.

Lava’s mum is amazing; it’s impossible to overstate how incredible she is. She is calm, never quick to worry, and so intelligent. She has been in and to the hospital loads of times, so today was a breeze. We took photos in a portable Sukkah to celebrate the Feast of Booths, one of the biblical holidays.