Problems eating

Yesterday, little Jori came from Gaza for a scheduled appointment to see an ENT doctor, but as she got her permission to come here too late, she couldn’t make it to the hospital for her appointment.

Jori has a paralyzed vocal chord as a complication from her open-heart surgery last fall. She is now choking when she tries to eat and her parents say these episodes are so severe that they seem life threatening. So today we decided to bring her to the pediatric ER to see if an ENT doctor can check her today.

After long waiting times, they started with some examinations in the ER and carefully checked her but found out that they can’t do something for her right now. She needs an x-ray with barium contrast to find out more about her problems and so we scheduled this appointment for her next week and brought her back to Gaza.

Jori was as always smiling a lot and we enjoyed our time with this cute girl. Please pray that she will get her permission to come next week again and that she will stay safe in the meantime!