Progressing in every way

I think every outfit Yadgar owns has some type of tie or bow tie on it. He is very smart and it was very wonderful to see him today dressed in his lovely clothes, rather than the hospital pajamas which he has been wearing for the past month. He and his mum clearly are well-liked by the hospital staff.

The last doctor to approve his final discharge from the ward today said that they are all very happy with his progress, health, weight gain, his social development… Everything! The mother is also of course very happy that he can finally leave the hospital, and it seems like the end might be in sight.

She was welcomed back home by the other Kurdish mothers in the house, one of which had made sure to cook the best food she could as Yadgar’s mother has been missing Kurdish-style food in the hospital.

We hope and pray for lovely Yadgar to adjust well to life outside of the hospital, and continue to grow and to be enjoyed by his mum.