Protection and Discharge

I would like to start Zhya’s blog by thanking God for his protection. When I walked into his room today, his mum wasn’t paying attention for a second, and Zhya suddenly fell out of his bed. Headlong. So when he banged with his head against the floor, I was so shocked and just thinking, “Something really really bad just happened.” He was crying and bleeding out of his nose. But suddenly after five minutes he stopped crying and behaved like nothing had happened at all (I took the below picture after the accident). Thank you God that he didn’t get hurt badly; thank you for your protection!

The good news is that Zhya had a successful cath and was discharged today. Still the doctors don’t know yet if he can have surgery, so they will sit together to talk about what’s best for him. If it will be the case that he can have surgery, it will be a high risk surgery because of his high lung pressure. So please pray that the doctors will have wisdom to decide wisely. Zhya’s life depends on that.