Quality Time During a Cath

Today when we arrived at the hospital, Mohammed just left for his catheterization. Usually a cath procedure takes two to three hours but today they took all the time to open up his vein to the lungs. The doctor explained to the father that it would be a difficult job because a part of his heart is not fully developed. Father was at peace and pleased to know they were careful and he trusted the doctor. Father has lived many years in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch better than English. He loves to speak Dutch so we had lots of time to catch up on many things. He is very committed to his son and is very helpful to translate for the Kurdish families.
Mohammed had a good catheterization and the doctor was able to open up one of the lung’s blood vessel. He might need another cath in a few week’s time to increase the blood flow to the other lung.¬†We thank God for Mohammed’s life and pray that he will recover well