Quality time with little Somaia

This morning Somaia was as lively as I have ever seen it.  Even before I entered her room, I could see her wriggling her arms and legs. It was so nice spending time with her and making her smile.  My hope grew so much today as I saw this six month old girl becoming more and more capable of acting as one. She grabs a lot of things and gets better and better at expressing what she likes and doesn’t like. During my visit a nurse stopped by who was very happy to see us trying to keep Somaia busy, trying to help her develop and encouraging her.

When I later asked a doctor about the effect of the antibiotics, she confirmed that it helps very well and that Somaia only has to take them for two to three more days.  So the bacteria in her blood is diminishing, thank goodness. However, it is still not clear what will happen next with Somaia. She is still intubated and doesn’t appear to be going to be extubated anytime soon. Please pray with us and ask the Lord for a complete healing of this infection and that Somaia may continue to experience healing under his loving hand. He is a wonderful companion and is always at Somaia’s side. Let’s thank him for that!