Queen Asmeen

Asmeen is back in familiar territory in the Pediatric ICU of Sheba hospital, but she looks very big and grown up now! She is so beautiful and looks very much like her mother, a mother who happens to be a blessing to her baby and of course to the other Kurdish mothers, helping to bring patience, calm and steadiness to their in-hospital days.

After Asmeen’s mother independently cleaned the tracheostomy with suctioning, some of the therapists came to help Asmeen with her physical skills. A recent development is that Asmeen can hold things in both hands, and is trying to put her pacifier into her mouth by herself.

The big project on the horizon now is thinking about transferring Asmeen back to Kurdistan. There are a lot of things to arrange and plan, and thankfully Asmeen’s mother is extremely competent and it’s great to have her at the center of everything going on.

Please pray over this potential transfer to Kurdistan. It is a complex endeavor, but we are hoping and praying for the right doors to open up for Asmeen and her mother to travel safely in the future.