Qusai’s surgery is successful

I went to the ICU of Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem today to ask after Qusai. He was in surgery. An informed nurse said the surgery was complicated and taking some time.

I met and talked with Qusai’s mother who had a circle of other moms around her when I found her in a waiting room. She and I went for a walk while waiting; there is a hospital park area just outside. I used Google translate to chat with her. We had some coffee together.

Eventually, Qusai was brought back to the ICU. He is under sedation but, according to the surgeon, he is stable. The doctor said thaty this surgery prepared Qusai for the next surgery. If all goes well, Qusai will go home to Gaza and return to Hadassah Hospital after three months for an Echocardiogram.

Thank you all for keeping this little one and his family in your prayers.