Rahaf needs our prayer

This morning I was very excited to go to Jaffa. Rahaf was for a month with us in the Jerusalem guesthouse. I will be leaving in two days time back to the Netherlands so before going home I had a great desire to see Rahaf and her dad once more to say goodbye.

Rahaf had a successful operation last Thursday and they had extubated her the same day. This was my latest news. Therefore I was wondering how our lively and active little girl was doing. When I saw her room in the CICU, I was surprised to see that Rahaf was intubated. They explained that after they extubated her Thursday late afternoon, she was very agitated and her oxygen level dropped. They needed to intubate her again to give her body more time to recover.

This morning they wanted to extubate Rahaf again. She was starting to wake up when I entered the room. Dad and I were holding her arms because she became very uncomfortable with all the lines and tubes in her mouth and nose.

Around midday they extubated her but Rahaf was not doing well. She had difficulties with breathing. They put her on ventilation and tried to clean her airway through meds and mucus suction. It was hard to see how she struggled to breath on her own. Her heartbeat was over 200/min and also the color of her skin didn’t look good. After one hour the doctor decided to intubate Rahaf again.

There is a swelling in her throat due to the intubation tube. This was the cause of her struggle to breath. The doctor will give her steroids and then try to extubated her again in two days. Dad and I were very sad but I know that this is the best for her now. We prayed and asked our Lord to heal our little girl.

Please pray that the swelling will decrease and that she will have a succesfull extubation in two days time. We are longing to see our active, enthusiastic, outgoing, beautiful little girl back again.