Comfort from an old friend

Sweet Rahaf has been settling into her new home in Jaffa over these past few days, which has been a bit difficult for her.

It seems like the hospital experience was quite traumatic for her and we have seen her here being upset and timid. Gradually she has been becoming more comfortable with being outside of her father’s arms for a few minutes, so it seems like today it was painful to have to take her to hospital to have a blood test. She cried in such a sad and hopeless way as the nurse took the blood sample.

But there was joy to be had afterwards, as Rahaf was able to go and see her “Jerusalem sister,” Shahad, who is currently admitted at the hospital. Rahaf pointed and smiled beautifully as she realized that she could see Shahad.

Hopefully we will be seeing more smiles from Rahaf over the coming days.