Rahma comes to Ashdod

It is rare that one of our Kurdish kids doesn’t come and stay in our family house in Ashdod for a while before they can even see Sheba Hospital, but it was the exact opposite for Rahma and her mom. Rahma was rushed to the hospital from the airport nearly a month ago, where she and her mother stayed until her recent discharge to our home. Staying in the hospital so long had definitely taken a toll on her mother, so they were eager to be released, and to come home with us. Rahma’s mother only speaks Kurdish so translating in the hospital was hard, and she was often all alone, but now she is with a community of other loving Kurds whom she can communicate with and get news from.

Doctors are optimistic about the rate of Rahma’s recovery, and we all hope she can soon return to Kurdistan. The drive home was stressful, as we had a large donation of bowls, plates, cups, and other fragile things in our trunk, and this sweet delicate little child fast asleep, so I drove carefully to keep our special cargo safe. When we got closer to Ashdod, she did wake up and started a little fuss about being hungry, but she quieted down when she got home.

Rahma and her mother are quite happy in our family house, her mother is getting to speak with other Kurds, and Rahma seems to enjoy not being in a hospital bed all day and getting to see and hear other kids.

Going forward we are praying for a smooth transition for Rahma and her mother, and that her recovery will continue as well as it is, and furthermore that God may reduce, if not eliminate the neurological damage Rahma seems to have.