Ramyar the performer

Ramyar is becoming quite a performer at the Shevet house in Jaffa. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Nawroz – the Kurdish New Year – and he was in his element. Complete with the traditional Kurdish dress, he was singing and dancing round the room for most of the afternoon. Ramyar has this beautiful gift of bringing joy and laughter to the other children who are staying in the house; he really lightens the atmosphere. I particularly enjoy watching him with our little one-year-old girl whose name is Iman. He loves playing with her and trying to make her laugh – a bit like an older brother.

Ramyar, and another Kurdish teenager named Khonav and I, spend most afternoons playing games together. They are obsessed with a particular board game and never seem to get bored of it – Ramyar even taught his mum yesterday. He is also very intelligent and really enjoys a challenge. A couple of days ago, I brought over a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. I assumed Ramyar would lose interest after a while, but he surprised me with his determination to finish it. Used to the performer, it was interesting to see this different side to Ramyar.

Please keep praying for Ramyar as he and his mother are waiting for surgery. I am having so much fun getting to know them and spending time with them.