Rays of Sunshine for Mir’s Surgery

The moment we met Mir and his father you couldn’t help but notice that both of them were very tired. Mir’s father told us that Mir cried a lot during the night and that they had to get up way too early. Still the first miracle of the day was on it’s way. Mir’s surgery was the very next appointment so they didn’t have to wait too long.

Mir’s father seemed very tense and scared while Mir got ready for his surgery. But as God’s provision of every needed thing took place, the brother of another child came to accompany Mir’s dad through this hard time. Even though Mir’s dad carried his sorrows without losing his smile, you could see the relief in his face as the doctor informed him that the surgery was nearly done and everything went well. Still it’s a miracle that little Mir was able to live this long with his heart disease.

After the successful surgery we had to wait for Mir to leave the OR. During that time other parents came by and created a joyful and encouraging atmosphere. The room was filled with laughter and happy conversations.
Mir was already extubated and is now in the ICU. Please pray for his fast recovery and for strength for Mir’s dad.