Extubated, but re-intubated due to throat swelling

After her surgery yesterday, the staff extubated Aurfa, but due to swollen tissue in her throat, she could not breathe well. She was re-intubated and given some medicine to help relax the area. God willing, they will be able to extubate her tomorrow so that she can breathe on her own afterwards.

Aurfa’s mum is amazing. She is never wanting to leave Aurfa for long, even when Aurfa is asleep. She is really a very smart lady and understands quite well the situation of her daughter.

Seeing Aurfa under sedation today was quite strange because I’ve only ever seen her fully awake and running around the house trying to play with everything in sight. I know her mother is praying and hoping to see her daughter like this again. Please pray with her for lovely Aurfa.