Precious Mohammed was readmitted into Hadassah Hospital yesterday. He had been fretful all day but physically well when his mother asked Diana to assess him because he was unsettled and crying. When she examined Mohammed she found he had a high temperature and a small inflamed area on his chest which might have been a drain site. We rushed Mohammed to the hospital where they did some blood tests and a chest X-ray, thankfully his ECHO was normal but in view of his recent surgery they decided to readmit for observation while awaiting his results. Please pray for his mother who although a strong person is pregnant and completely exhausted. When we told her we wanted to take Mohammed to the hospital she briefly broke down crying before calmly gathering her belongings and preparing Mohammed for the trip. We also pray for Mohammed as he has learnt to fear people who examine him even if just with a stethoscope and bursts into tears if he sees someone wearing scrubs. This beautiful boy has a great sense of humour and loves playing peekaboo and other games with the volunteers. We pray his hospital visit will be short and he will come back to us quickly