Today our beautiful 10 month old baby boy Shakar was readmitted into the Sheba paediatric ward. He had been well for a few days after his hospital admission for adenovirus last week but yesterday again came down with a high fever. Not as ill looking as last week we decided to wait until the daily hospital run to take him in to be checked.

At Sheba hospital we were promptly seen and after a few tests they quickly decided that Shakar needed to be admitted. We were very glad about this as at the start of the day Shakar looked happy and alert but with a high fever. As the day progressed Shakar became increasingly listless, uninterested in drinking and his breathing became heavy and laboured. They are closely monitoring Shakar’s  vital signs, especially his oxygen saturation which was much lower than normal and caused some concern. Shakar’s mother is very pleased to be back at the hospital and is extremely happy with the care that Shakar’s has received.

Now for some good news. On arriving at Shevet, Shakar’s weight was 5.2 kg which then dropped to 4.8 kg after his hospital stay. Already dangerously low, Shakar’s weight loss could have been catastrophic. Today, on admission Shakar’s weight was 5.7 kg which is a remarkable increase considering his illness.

Please pray that he can keep his Cath date and will not have to reschedule because of his illness. Please also pray for his mother as she has left her three older children in Kurdistan in a uncertain family situation and worries about them but needs to be with Shakar at this time.