Ready for Surgery

We got the phone call unexpectedly yesterday, to invite Dleza into hospital for her surgery. We were expecting to wait a few weeks longer but, when I told Dleza about it, she squeaked with nerves for a few seconds before breathing deeply and announcing in English, “I’m ready.”

So, today we had the pleasure of bringing her to the hospital with her brother. After some tests, we met with the surgeon who will operate on her tomorrow. He explained the whole procedure which was translated to them by Tara (although, Dleza was excited that she could understand some of the words in English). So, she is prepared for the big day tomorrow. Their main question was about how much of a risk is there with this surgery. We were all happy to hear the surgeon reporting a 98% success rate.

Please keep Dleza in your prayers ahead  of tomorrow. She is a very special part of our family here in Israel, and already we miss her at home! Praise God for giving her peace, and pray a blessing over the hands of the surgical team for tomorrow, in the name of Jesus.