Ready for surgery

This morning, a day after his dental work, Mizgeen was wide awake and eager to play a game with me as soon as I walked into his room at Sheba Hospital.

He’s getting a bit more confident with his new smile, and he was excited to brush his teeth with the new toothbrush the dentist gave him.

Mizgeen will remain hospitalized until his surgery on Sunday morning. I spent a bit of time with him today so his mom could get some things ready for the rest of their hospital stay.

He’s full of energy and enthusiasm as always. “Please let’s go to the elevators, they’re so nice!” he kept telling me, so we took a walk and rode the elevator down to the play area downstairs.

He loved the ship and we spent quite a while playing sailors and hunting for treasure.

I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent with this sweet, funny little boy, and I’m so grateful he’s finally getting his important surgery.

Please pray for a successful surgery with no complications.