Ready for the last surgery?

Two weeks after his CT-Scan, we picked up Hassan and his father from the Gaza border, for a (final) echo at Sheba Hospital. Hassan was rather calm today, sleeping most of the time,

and also enduring the echo with almost no tears.

During his routine-ECG, however, Hassan was active – laughing and even clowning around a bit. Accompanying a child who is clowning around, even while undergoing a medical test, is something that doesn’t happen all the time and definitely a very positive experience for the doctors, the nurses, the parents and, of course, for us.

The cardiologist was content with Hassan’s CT and Echo results. However, she didn’t want to take the final decision, whether Hassan is ready for his last surgery, by herself. In the coming days, the doctors’ committee will therefore decide together whether Hassan will have his final surgery in two month or another follow-up echo.

Let’s pray for wisdom for the doctors!