Ready for the next step

Today sweet chubby Anas from Gaza had a cardiology check-up and a gastroenterology appointment at Sheba Medical.

His grandmother was a bit worried about him, since a couple months ago in Gaza he was in the hospital for two weeks while he passed a kidney stone, and also had a bacterial infection. However, he’s doing much better now, and all the doctors were amazed at how much he’s grown.

His cardiologist had some good news – his heart is doing very well, and he is ready for his second surgery! God willing, he will have a catheterization within the next two months, and then he can have his next surgery. The doctor said that we just have to figure out what’s going on with his kidneys. He will hopefully have an abdominal ultrasound next time he comes to the hospital.

The doctor at his gastro appointment was very gracious, even though we were two hours late! She is very pleased with how much he has grown, and encouraged his grandmother to let him try out some new foods.

Please pray that there are no serious problems with his kidneys, and that God will bless him and his family as they prepare for his next steps.