Ready to go!

There was a very joyful atmosphere in the car on the way to the hospital this morning…. Ali was on the way to what would turn out to be his final echo! His mum put on some music, which quickly escalated into a bit of a party; Ali’s mum loves to dance and so these 40 minutes in the car with Dleza was the perfect opportunity….

Ali is a lovely boy and it was sad to see how he was quite upset during the echo. His mum was perfect in her ability to comfort him, and Dleza helped to entertain him as well.

The doctor was quick to interpret the echo for us, and praise God that he saw that Ali was completely fine to return to Kurdistan! Ali’s mum said that today is now four months since she arrived in Israel. It was a pleasure to be able to share the good news with her, although I am going to really miss her and Ali.

This afternoon, we had a farewell party for Ali, Dleza and also Nvin. They are all going to fly back home tomorrow to Kurdistan. Thank God for his provision and healing in Ali’s life. He will need to come back to Israel for another surgery when he is 2 1/2 years old, so please continue to pray for good health for him.