Ready to Go Home!

Today early in the morning we took our handsome Taman and his lovely mother to (hopefully) his last echo in Israel. When we arrived at the hospital they took an ECG, vital signs, and an echo. Taman enjoyed his echo, because he said that the doctor was taking a picture of his heart which he was so happy about.

Finally, the doctor came with a big smile. Mom said to her, “If I need to wait more time here for my child, I will.” The doctor said, “We really love Taman, and his heart looks really good; he can have a normal life.” When I heard that I was really happy! Praise the Lord he is really good. The doctor was able to answer each question that Mom had. Tara, our new volunteer, can speak English and Kurdish, so she is a such blessing for us. She was able to translate everything to Mom. After that, Taman was asking when he will have a party – he was very excited for it!

In the afternoon Taman was able to enjoy a beautiful farewell, and he was so happy. Mom also, lovely like always, was very thankful with us. They are ready to go home soon.

Please pray for protection in their journey to go home and also for a beautiful future for Taman.