Ready to go home

Lawi has changed so much during his time here, and he looked so cute today in his dungarees, and his hair cut into a fringe! He is still generally a happy boy, and he had a nice day out to the hospital with his friend Adleen today.

The doctor was quick to tell us that the echo was very good and that Lawi no longer needs to be having any medicines or follow up treatment here in Israel, and so he can return to Kurdistan. At the moment, there are no flights to Kurdistan due to corona virus restrictions.  Lawi and mum will wait with all the other families here with us until they can return home.

Lawi’s mum was very happy after the echo, and thanked everyone sincerely. She was also pleased to see Asmaa and her grandma in the hospital, and she kindly asked all the other Kurdish families who are in the hospital if they needed any washing or anything she could do to help them. Thank God for her generous and kind heart, and for the healing seen in Lawi.