Ready to go home

Ahmed’s mom has been eagerly (and nervously) anticipating today since Ahmed’s last echo a couple of weeks ago. “Inshallah Ahmed basha,” — “God willing, Ahmed is good”– she told me hopefully as we got in the car to head to Sheba Hospital for Ahmed’s second post-op echo appointment.

Ahmed, as always, was the happiest little guy for the whole time at the hospital.

He stayed busy playing with the cars in the waiting room while his mother prayed fervently.

When the doctor arrived to check out Ahmed’s echo images,

his report was brief but exciting: “He’s good, he can go home!”

At this, Ahmed’s mom burst into tears of joy. “Thank you, doctor, and thanks to God,” she kept saying in Kurdish.

It will be another few days before Ahmed and his mom fly home, so we are looking forward to spending one last weekend with them in our community home in Ashdod before a special farewell party to send them off.