Ready to go home

For the last week, Lewan and her mom have been telling me how much they hope they can go home after her echo today. Knowing that usually kids need to stay for at least two echoes after surgery, I always gave them the same answer: “Well, maybe, but probably not.”

I was definitely surprised then at her echo today, when the doctor examined her echo images, turned to Lewan’s mom, and said “Kurdistan!” Both Lewan and her mom were absolutely overjoyed, and so are we.

There is still some regurgitation in the aortic valve, which the doctors expected to see. It is possible that in the future, Lewan may need another surgery to repair this. But for now, she is very well.

Lewan and her mom will stay with us one more week in Ashdod until their flight home. Thank God for such a smooth recovery and pray for safe travels home for them.