Ready to go home

After two weeks of staying with us in our guesthouse in Jerusalem, Shan had her echo today at Hadassah Hospital. After her doctor saw the echo and how well she is doing, he told us the good news that she is ready to go back home to Kurdistan. She improved so well after her surgery and was a smiling blessing for us in the house. We are so happy that she finished her treatment and only needs to see a cardiologist in Kurdistan for her check ups.

Shan is sometimes still breathing really hard and her mother is still a little worried about her. After asking the doctor about this, he explained that her lungs are still in a bad condition as her heart defect also had impact on her lungs. But through the medication which she gets now, she will get better. Of course it will take some time as she only got treatment and her surgery when she was already five months old.

Praise the Lord for the healing of Shan and her extremely good recovery after the surgery. We are so thankful that Shan can finally go back to Kurdistan and that everything went so well with her treatment. Please continue to pray for her and her mother who will fly back home on Thursday. May the Lord bless them and give Shan good health so that she can grow up well.