Ready to return back to Kurdistan

The very active Ahmad had a nice time at our community house back at Jaffa. He’s a very happy boy and has a high energy level. We are having fun dance sessions at Shevet right now, in which some of us staff members are trying to learn Kurdish dancing. Ahmad likes to join these dance sessions. It is lovely and funny at the same time to see his dancing skills. Somedays when I have a lack of energy, I wish I could have his energy, Thank God though, as Ahmad is doing so well, and has the possibility to live his life like a normal boy, and that he can do all the things boys his age are doing.

Today he needed to return to Sheba Hospital for another Echo, The doctors agreed that he can return to Kurdistan without needing a surgery now. He will likely need another Catheterization in one or two years to dilate the stent. He may also need a surgery in the future, possibly within ten years, as he grows. Praise the Lord that he can stop one of his medications as planned on Wednesday, but should continue aspirin his whole life.

“Inshallah” (Arabic for God willing), Ahmad and his mother can return to Kurdistan in the next few weeks. Even though it is lovely and fun to have both of them with us and we are enjoying our time together, we want them to be back with their family even more.

Due to the Coronavirus situation Israeli airports will be closed for another two weeks, so there is not yet a possibility for them to return. That means we can enjoy our time together a bit longer. But please pray that the airports will be opened soon so Ahmad and his lovely mother can return to their family.