Ready to return to Kurdistan

After cute little Drood and his dad had spent some time at our Shevet Guest House in Jerusalem and had some lovely days touring the city, they had to come back to the Sheba Medical Center today to check if Drood has continued to recover well after the surgery. He needed an Echo to see how he was doing and while he waited, he was falling asleep peacefully. PTL that the outcome of the Echo was good. This means that he is ready to return to Kurdistan together with his father.

When the Echo was finished, Drood and his father went outside the hospital and enjoyed their time.

Thank you very much for your prayers and your help in other ways. After precious little Drood and his friendly father return back to Kurdistan, they have to continue with the treatment of his medicine. After a month, they need to visit a Doctor in Kurdistan to do another Echo. If everything is still fine, they can stop the treatment of his medicine. So your prayers are still appreciated.