‘Ballou’ Ready to return to Kurdistan

When we arrived at Sheba Medical Center today, the Echo and the ECG for our little “Balou” went very quickly. He was very calm and didn’t cry at all. When finished, the doctor took some time to decide if today’s was the last echo for Lalo in Israel. During the waiting time, one of the kind nurses offered us something to drink. Praise the Lord, it was decided “Ballou” and his lovely mother are ready to return back to their family in Kurdistan. Lalo’s mother was very happy to hear this news. She told me she wants to surprise her other three children waiting for her in Kurdistan, and that she is extremely happy she can give this news finally after four months of Lalo’s treatment here. We are very happy for them, though it’s sad for us to let them go, as they have a big place in our heart.

It is just beautiful what the Lord has done in Lalo’s precious life. His mom is very thankful to God, but also to the hospital. She said her thanks to everyone she has seen in the hospital today, over and over again.

When Lalo is back in Kurdistan, he will need follow-up appointments there and will need to continue with his medicines he is taking at the moment. Thank you all so much for your prayers for this lovely family.